Removals From the United Kingdom to Amsterdam

Removals From the United Kingdom to Amsterdam

House removals to and from Amsterdam

Hoi! Considering a home relocation to one of the most exciting cities on the planet?

One of the world’s most popular cities for a brand-new life, people move to Amsterdam every day. The home of culture, canals, and not-quite-coffee shops, there’s plenty there to love.

But unless you only own about three outfits, you’ll probably need a hand—so Alpha Pro Logistics are here to help you out.

For a long time, we’ve been sorting house removals between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and we’ve rehoused and relocated endless amounts of stuff. No-one handles the entire process like we do: we gather your belongings, protect them, transport them, get them over the border, and deliver them quickly and carefully to your brand new home.

It doesn’t matter how much stuff you have, and how quickly you want to move—we’ll make the whole process simple and stress-free. And on top of all that, we’ll work closely with you to develop a bespoke timeline that’s perfect for you and your plans.


Removals to Amsterdam and other parts of the Netherlands

First and foremost, we make the process fast, simple and stress-free.

Every member of our team is a highly-experienced expert, and we make this stuff look easy. We’re all massively qualified, completely insured, and unbelievably experienced. And best of all, we’re from Eastern Europe, so we do things properly and respectfully, and we don’t stop working hard until you’re happy.

We’ve been managing and organizing house removals from the UK to Amsterdam (and loads more parts of the Netherlands) for many years, so we know this stuff can be pretty stressful. But with us, it’s exactly the opposite—we get on with the job quickly and quietly, and we make things easy for you.

If you’re worrying about Brexit and border-hopping, you don’t need to—we take these cross-border trips every day, so we’re fully practiced and prepared. You don’t even need to think about it.

If you’re on the hunt for an experienced and affordable man and van service from the UK to Amsterdam (or a man and van service from Amsterdam to the UK), here we are. Every day, we shuttle stuff between the UK and Amsterdam, and many other parts of the Netherlands.

In short, it doesn’t matter why you’re moving, where you’re moving, how much stuff you have, or what your timeline is—we’ll make it all swift, easy and stress-free.

Want your belongings transported carefully and quickly? That’s our job.

Want trustworthy, friendly drivers who frequently carry household belongings from the UK to Amsterdam? We’ve got them.

Want us to take extra care when handling your delicate and fragile items? We’ll do it.

Want a hardworking team with proper moving equipment and top-of-the-line removals insurance? You’ve found us.

Want us to pop over to your current home for a friendly chat and a no-obligation quote? Give us a ring, stick the kettle on and make us a cuppa. And we’ll get on with the rest.

Welkom in Nederland!

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